In depth analysis

Simple solutions seldom are. It takes a very unusual mind to undertake analysis of the obvious.
— Alfred North Whitehead (Mathematician and philosopher)

The quality and breadth of interpretation in our research delivers our clients meaningful and useful insight. It is a skilled process.

Collecting the right data is the start of our insight, and then conducting the right sort of analysis. What is in the data, and what is not. Numbers can speak volumes, and combining information from diverse sources is an important part of finding the opportunities.

Our skilled interpretation is undertaken using a marketing and communications framework, and often extends to defining the underlying business model required to deliver the outcomes to the business.

We analyse 'soft' data (qualitative) to delving into what people do and how they respond to marketing and market conditions.  

Analysis requires the development of recurring themes, challenging these, looking for gaps, contradictions and inconsistencies provides lots of clues.  'How come no one mentioned ......? is a important question. Consumer quotes can beautifully summarise an insight, but full interpretation is need to understand 'what is going on' for clients' customers....