Superannuation as a social policy: Retirement adequacy

Much cited Alliance Research older (2008) paper on superannuation and retirement adequacy - a topic that hasn't gone away.

According to Nielsen (2008)[1] there is disagreement amongst superannuation experts about the ability of the current retirement income system (compulsory superannuation of 9%) to meet retirees’ income requirements. However it appears there is even disagreement about whether there is disagreement.  According to Barr (2008)[2] “there is now widespread agreement among superannuation researchers that the current Superannuation Guarantee will not provide an adequate retirement income on its own”.

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Template for briefing market research

1. Background

  • Outline of the market, business and competitors
  • Marketing landscape, context for this business/product
  • General challenges in the market, and specific issues for the business
  • Relevant research...
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Online Qualitative Methods

How is online qualitative research conducted?

There are lots of different online qualitative research approaches but the one most widely used in Australia is “over time bulletin boards”. In this method people log in over a number of days and comment on questions as they come up and chat with other participants and the interviewer.  There are a number of purpose built platforms available and these range from simple through to complex.  The good news is...

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